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Coming Up Roses - Keira Knightley

In the movie this is the first song Gretta and Dan record together and just watching the way the whole thing comes together and also how Dan manages to coerce some rowdy neighborhood kids into being the angelic background chorus is just so wonderful. god. this movie. 

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Can you give us a few lines of Let it Go? (x)

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Publicity Photoshoot [x]

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Helena + being cute

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[Giving up his ship] helped him seal the deal… (x)

[Giving up his ship] helped him seal the deal… (x)

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What pisses you off about Hollywood right now? (x)

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I love how there are numerous times in those interviews where Jen and Colin forget that they aren’t actually Emma and Killian.

You can just tell how natural it is for these two working together and how much they love their characters and this ship.



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Tatiana maslany-Comic con 2014-

Tatiana maslany-Comic con 2014-

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Leap Year (USA - Ireland, 2010)

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Colinactual puppyO’Donoghue

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