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Katy Keene


Katy Keene

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oh Elsa, you are just too adorable (◕‿◕✿)

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inthedreamatorium said: megan! i need your help remembering something from ouat. back in season one, emma made a deal with rumple to protect cinderella's baby. and he said he's call on her when he wanted her to pay up. did she? what was it? i can't remember and it's killing meeeeee. also can we take a moment to talk about how AMAZING killian looked?!

Hmmmm. Am at a training day on 3 hours sleep so I’m probably not functioning the best right now but didn’t he use that to get Emma to go with him to see Neal in NYC? I forget now!!

Also, yep, last night was a bit of a whirlwind for Killian Jones. Bless him. He looked pretty much edible!

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Billow and breeze islands and seas mountains of rain and sun.
All that was good and all that was fair, all that was me is gone.

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Okay so I know we’ve all talked about how Killian respects Emma’s choice with the whole “if she wants me to hold her” thing

But been we also talk about how Killian is willing to risk whatever danger a wager with the dark one may bring

NOT to hold Emma…

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Look at Charles in plaid he’s both adorable and hot at the same time


Look at Charles in plaid he’s both adorable and hot at the same time


captain swan date tonight


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Oh my goodnessssssss!

Our Girl. My god. I have gone through half a box of tissues crying.

The other half of the episode, I spent my time grinning like a crazy person. I swear, all that staring and grinning and Moly being all gobby and cute and Captain James being a total sweetie…

Such a BRILLIANT show. I was crying such happy tears at the end because Molly got her wish and Bashira was safe. I love that the show focused on Molly and her dreams and wishes and that Captain James (never calling him Charles, as cute as that was!) supported her 100% and that end scene… How cute did he look in his lumberjack shirt standing at that door?! So proud of Molly Dawes!

When’s Season 2?

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the true star of once upon a time

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