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happyinchintz72 asked: Oooooo!!! That's fun! You already know my name so :)


Melt (Serotonin Session) - Mystery Jets

Every Little Thing - The Beatles

Gold - Once OST (Declan version ;) )

Atlas - Delphic

Nevermind - Foster the People


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Take that, Bembridge Scholars!

The Mummy is a film about a woman having a marvellous time, and I think that’s so beautiful.

#i had a marvellous time watching her have a marvellous time 

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jmo & colin :: official captains of our ship

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Anonymous asked: Where is that beautiful bedding from? :O

:) it is actually from ASDA and for a King it was only £14! Steal!

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lightpinkgenie asked: oh my goodness, Zrinka's voice is heavenly :') the musical was better than I could possibly have imagined and Arthur did a really lovely job too. (I got to meet him at the stage door afterwards!)

Oh my goodness!!!! Yey! I’m over the moon that you loved it.

I ADORED (an I can’t say it enough) Declan as Guy so I’m excited to see Arthur’s version. I am very lucky to have seen Declan 3 times and the third was by far the very very best so I’m looking forward to the new cast but so happy that Zrinka is still there. She is the most effervescent, lovely, fun, enthusiastic and wonderful Girl and I can’t say how much I love her. I’m sad I didn’t get to meet her and tell her that when I met Declan :(

I’m thrilled you liked it. It is so special to me and I’m really pleased you thought Arthur was great. His sound is so different to Declan’s so that’s something I can’t wait for. Yey for more Once fans!!!!!!

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I’ve been very careful to maintain all of them ever since… like sticking to certain mannerisms in certain situations, keeping certain facial expressions, and, yeah, clapping in a particular way. It’s just kinda one of those silly actor things that despite itself, whether successful or not, has helped me stay in character.

This one time I was watching an episode at home, I caught a quick shot of Blaine NOT clapping “a la Blaine” … and I was so mad at myself! I didn’t understand how that could’ve possibly happened.

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4/12/14 - Solange performing at the 2014 Coachella Music Festival: Day 2.


4/12/14 - Solange performing at the 2014 Coachella Music Festival: Day 2.

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How gorgeous is my new bedding?

How gorgeous is my new bedding?

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I really wish there was more of the kind of discussions Mercedes had in last night’s Glee on TV and in the media.

I can identify so much. I’m not religious at all but I understand every word she said. She isn’t a prude and she isn’t cruel or frigid or anything else people call those who choose to wait to have sex for a prolonged period beyond what is considered teen years … or do so because they don’t feel ready for it or able to do that.

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"You’re a bit like my dad. He’s dead. No, sorry—"

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